Asian PAcific student union

The Asian and Pacific American Student Union (APASU) is a student led organization that serves as a support service and network that focuses on the needs of Asian Pacific American students, faculty, staff, and all allies. It actively seeks to educate members on issues directly and indirectly affecting the Asian Pacific American community on a campus, national, and global level as well as participating in the broader struggle for social, political, and racial justice.

The artwork is an expression of my identity as an Asian-American raised by immigrant parents. It represents the concept of holding onto the heritage my parents gave me while living in an “American” life, while saying fuck you to stereotypes that say Asians must be quiet, mannered and docile. I can be crude if I want to. The common Asian household custom of taking shoes off in the house is one that I feel resonates with many of my friends and family. I’m making prints for anyone who wants to make this statement/support this statement with me!

Photos © Cheng Lee


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