Megan thee stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is a rising female rapper who is topping the Billboard charts with gold and platinum records and has nearly 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify. While also studying health administration at Texas Southern University, Megan Thee Stallion embodies confidence and empowerment in her music. In August, Paper Magazine featured Megan The Stallion as the front cover of their digital issue, which was inspired by her love for anime. It’s no lie anime culture has had its influence in hip hop music and fashion for years, but it hadn’t been endorsed by female hip hop artists before Megan Thee Stallion fearlessly did so. Anime culture has integrated into its own subculture in hip hop. Though animes lack dark-skinned representation, she pays homage to black and brown womxn who love the Japanese artform. 

Photos © Cheng Lee


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